Invest and earn within  5 working days!

Join now to smile and keep smiling by making donation and also receiving from others. Once you register you are given a time frame to pay N32,000, N64,000, N128,000, N256,000 or 512,000  to the another user depending on your package. once you donate and you are confirmed, then you will be activated for you to automatically become the next receiving member where you will be matched to receive from others  within 5 days.

Once you Receive your 100% profit in any of the packages then the system automatically gives you another member to make payment to in other to recycle.

Note that you do not have to refer anybody to qualify for your earnings.

 Ensure you have your money ready before registration.

 Note that after registration, you cannot change to a different package.

 When matched to pay an upline, the time given is 24 hours to make payment. Ensure to pay your upline before your time runs out, or your account will be blocked.

You can make payments with, ATM transfer, internet banking, mobile banking, or cash Deposit, and others


PACKAGE 1: PAY 32K TO GET 64K ( 100% interest )

PACKAGE 2: PAY 64K TO GET 128K ( 100% interest )

PACKAGE 3: PAY 128K TO GET 256K ( 100% interest )

PACKAGE 4: PAY 256K TO GET 640K ( 100% interest )

PACKAGE 5: PAY 512K TO GET 1.28M ( 100% interest )